How To Save Money At The Airport


Have you ever carefully budgeted for a trip, only to blow a load of cash at the airport before your holiday has even begun? It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of an adventure, spending haphazardly on airport temptations, but for those keen to stay within their means, consider these money-saving tips. 

Eat Before You Leave

You may not feel like eating before an early flight, but it could save you from forking out. Although a pre-flight meal can be a welcomed treat, airport restaurants are invariably pricey. If you’re off on a well-deserved holiday, you may be tempted to get some drinks in, but at an average of £5 per pint, it may be worth waiting until you’re off the plane and on your way to the all-inclusive resort. It’s also advisable to pack a selection of snacks to keep you going throughout your journey. 

Use Public Transport

For those living a little more than a stone’s throw away from an airport, taxi prices can mount up. Although travelling to the airport via taxi is easily the most convenient and fuss-free method, other means of public transport are much more affordable. Consider booking trains in advance to get the best deal possible, and don’t forget that airport transport can get extremely busy, so reserve a seat. 

Avoid Duty-Free

If pursuing the duty-free section is part of your holiday routine, by all means, go ahead, but don’t be surprised when you emerge with a considerably lighter wallet. If the temptation is all too much for you, better to avoid duty-free altogether. You could always swing by on the journey home if you have a bit of spare cash left over. 

Double Check Your Luggage

Weighing your luggage at home could save you money in several ways. Depending on your airline, you may find it cheaper to fit your belongings into two smaller cabin bags rather than one large checked suitcase. It is also vital to ensure your checked luggage complies with dimension and weight restrictions - exceeding luggage weight limits could see you being charged a hefty fee. 

Exchange Your Money Elsewhere

Airport bureau de change exchange rates are notoriously steep compared to their high street counterparts. Find the best exchange rates by shopping around in advance. In some countries, you may get more for your home currency once you arrive, but to avoid the gamble, head to your bank, credit union or local Post Office. 

Book Parking In Advance

Many choose to avoid the hassle of public transport by driving their own vehicles to the airport. If this stress-free option sounds preferable, you will have to pay for airport parking. Although leaving your car at the long stay car park at Stansted airport sounds like a pricey affair, booking well in advance could save you a tidy sum. While you could pay on the day, pre-booking your parking will guarantee a convenient space at an affordable rate.

Bring Entertainment

Lengthy flights and unfortunate delays could see you sat with nothing to do for long periods. While it’s tempting to nip to the airport newsagents and purchase some magazines or a book, you could avoid this unnecessary purchase by bringing your own entertainment from home. Pack something to read and stock your phone with music and podcasts to pass the time, even when you’re without internet access. 

Bring Water Bottles

Staying hydrated is crucial when you’re on your feet for hours at a time and sitting in stuffy waiting areas. Airport bottled water can be maddeningly expensive, but there is a solution. You may not be able to take more than 100ml of liquid through security, but there are no rules against taking an empty bottle with you. Many UK airports feature multiple convenient water stations, so you can refill your bottle as often as you like. 

Remember All Essentials

We’ve all been there - arrived at the airport only to have forgotten your charger, toothbrush or headphones. We often exert so much energy into ensuring our travel documents are safe that we forget the little things. While most airports feature convenience stores, you can avoid having to shell out for replacement necessities by packing in advance. Allow yourself plenty of time to thoroughly check your baggage, so you can rest assured everything is included.